Creating a sermons page

1. Go to Dashboard > Pages.

2. Click on Add New.

3. Give your new page a name like sermons, messages media etc.

4. Select the page default you would like to use under Template Settings on the right side of your new page. We recommend full-with. And select transparent header if plan for your page to use a Transparent header.

5. Select the blue Publish button or the Page Builder tab to start building your page.

6. In page builder mode select the “html module” from the list of page builder modules and drag it to your page where you would like to show your sermons grid. We suggest directly under a header image on your page to keep it simple and clean.

7. Insert this short-code into your html module on the page. [custom_sermons_grid]. This short-code will display a custom a grid of your sermons once you create them as seen below in our example.

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