Getting To Know The Page Builder

  1. Go to any page and make sure you are in the page builder view. #

Publishing Tools:
Eye icon = Quick view of the live page.
Floppy Disk icon = Save.
X icon = Cancel.
Check Mark icon = Publish & Save.
Plus Sign icon = Page builder tools.
Done icon = Discard, save publish.

Content Tools:
let you build content for your pages.
Rows let you select from containers to put your modules into.
Templates let you select from pre-made layouts to speed up design.

Tip: We recommend choosing a pre-made template and edit from there. This will let you customize your website quickly by adding, editing and removing anything and everything. 

Section, Row, Container Tools: #

Cross icon = Drag and move element
Wrench icon = Edit element settings
Pages icon = Duplicate element
Book icon = Edit row settings
X icon = Remove

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